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LCSV Member Benefits

Membership in the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley is open to anyone interested in joining us in our mission to educate and prepare Latinas in the areas of civic engagement and leadership development.  We have over 150 current members who range in age, ethnic background, gender and profession.


LCSV offers one-year individual membership for students, seniors and general members. As of July 1, 2009, prices are $50 for general members, $25 for students pursuing a degree (attending at least half-time) and $25 for seniors (age 60 and over).  

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Our member benefits include:

  • Free or reduced prices to networking events, educational forums, lectures & workshops
  • Connecting with an impressive network of professional Latinas 
  • Access to members through the member directory
  • Sisterhood with a mission of civic engagement and leadership
  • News and information on leadership development and civic engagement opportunities
  • Grants to assist with leadership development
  • Exposure to community issues and organizations
  • Members only gatherings
  • Mentorship opportunities with Engaged Latina Leadership Activist (ELLA) program participants
  • Tickets to community functions
  • Supporting a grassroots non-profit organization

LCSV also offers a two-year Organizational Membership to agencies which would like to promote leadership amongst their Latina or other interested employees and associates. Agencies who purchase an organizational membership can send up to five of their associates to LCSV luncheons, educational workshops and social events at the discounted member rate. Their associates can also take advantage of other members-only benefits of LCSV, including scholarships. Organizational Membership is based on budget:

  • $100 for agencies with operating budgets up to $1M
  • $200 for agencies with operating budgets $1M - $3M
  • $300 for agencies with operating budgets $5M and over



LCSV provides modest grants to Latinas participating in leadership development and training to current members of LCSV in good standing.


CRITERIA: The LCSV provides grants to encourage and advance Latina leadership. The grants are available to Latinas participating in leadership development or training. In providing the grant, LCSV will consider a number of factors, including but not limited to: community service, financial need, participation in LCSV events, and the program relating to the application for grants.

Recipients of the grant agree to make a presentation of their learning experience, after participation in the program, at an LCSV Luncheon.


TERMS: The grants can be used to assist with tuition, books, program materials, travel expenses, lodging or other related items needed to complete the leadership training. Grants will not to exceed $500.


Download the LCSV Scholarship Application.