LCSV Seeking New Board Members

The mission of the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley (LCSV) is to educate and prepare Latinas in the areas of civic engagement and leadership development as an expression of our shared values of services, commitment, and appreciation for the Latinas who have paved the way for our successes.

We still have vacancies on our board. We need your skills and your passion! Please consider joining us if you have a passion for the advancement of Latinas, and especially if you have skills in administration, program planning, organizing, marketing & technology, event planning or fundraising.

Our members come from many walks of life, but all share the same passion for our Silicon Valley community. Our organization is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3. We are non-partisan and do not endorse political candidates.

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Why We Serve

Our volunteer board, committee members and fundraisers are passionate about LCSV’s mission. The testimonial below speaks to why we serve, and what keeps us engaged in the work of the LCSV.

Elisa Orona, 2013 LCSV President
Supporting Latinas as leaders is critical! I joined the LCSV Board because I recognize the importance of having Latina mentors and being a mentor to other Latinas. LCSV gives me an opportunity for both experiences and I’m better a leader because of my participation.


Patricia Castorena, Former LCSV Board Member
Sandra Cisneros writes, “They will not know I have gone away to come back. For the ones I left behind. For the ones who cannot out.” I am a member of the Latina Coalition because the women I have the honor of serving with inspire me and the young Latinas I have had the opportunity to meet through our ELLA Program continually remind me of the passionate commitment that first fueled my desire to be an advocate for my community.

Georgina Belmonte, Former LCSV Board Member
Before joining the board, I was on the ELLA committee and was so motivated by the ELLA program and all the wonderful women I was working with to be a larger part of the organization. I joined to contribute to the mission of LCSV in developing a pipeline for Latina leaders. The ELLA program provided me with confidence, professionalism, and a hunger to empower Latina women the same way I felt empowered by LCSV.

Being on the board, I have learned about the hard work and woman power it takes to run a non-profit with a big heart and big aspirations.There is nothing more gratifying than seeing and meeting the strong, fearless, and ambitious Latinas that attend our events. It is inspiring to see Latinas come together for a common cause; to help one another grow and to grow as a unit.

I have had the privilege of meeting many resilient and thriving Latinas. The speakers have been so diverse, just like LCSV members; I have learned not only about what it means to be a professional, but what it means to be a woman, and more importantly a Latina professional and the role one represents as such. Participating on the board, I have been able to discover who I am as a leader, and the different profiles of leadership. Working with Latinas from a variety of professional backgrounds has been very motivating and encouraging for my own career journey as a young professional.