Marketing and Program Assistant

Bianca Garcia is an ELLA graduate of 2015. She alongside two other participants, Katiuska Pimental and Laura Moya, created a scholarship winning video addressing violence against women on college campuses. In December of 2015 she became increasingly involved with the LCSV as member of the ELLA Committee and Toastmasters Education Vice President.

Aside from her work with LCSV, she works for The Law Offices of Steven Clark as well as The Law Offices of Christopher Schumb as a legal assistant. Her interest and experience in the legal field began her Freshman Year in college. Prior to her current position she has also worked with attorney Michelle Vasquez at the Public Defender’s Office, The Law Offices of Kristen Love Boscia and The Katherine and George Alexander Community Law Center here in the Santa Clara County. Practice areas she has explored include: criminal, civil, immigration, administrative, employment and personal injury law.

Bianca graduated from Santa Clara University in three years with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She plans on attending law school and is currently in the application process. While attending Santa Clara University she was heavily involved in Women’s Crew, the Pre-Law Society, and the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. She spent her first two years at Santa Clara as a D-1 collegiate athlete and spent the third as Executive Vice President of her sorority.  Over the years she continues to take on leadership positions and has attended a number of retreats held by her university and sorority. She is passionate about life-long learning, personal growth, and professional development.

Her involvement in LCSV is a direct response to the social injustices she both learned about through her coursework at Santa Clara University as well as has seen through her experiences in the legal field. She is acutely aware of the inequities Latinas are facing locally and nationally and is seeking ways to address these issues in our community. Her passion is cultivating spaces where individuals can inspire and be inspired. She is dedicated to promoting the education and professional success of young Latina women. She hopes to serve as a resource and support system for all LCSV members as they reach to attain their personal, social justice, and professional goals.